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Imperial HeritageCaviar stands for a unique approach in the nowadays Caviarbusiness in respect with the traditional values. 
IMPERIAL HERITAGE CAVIAR is selecting Environmentally sustainable Caviar from the most praised sturgeon spieces

1/ Unique preparation process and supervision:

Untitled-3Supervision: we supervise the entire course of life of the fish, from the very beginning till maturity.
Clean culture environment, without any risk of secondary undesired tastes of the fish or the eggs

Method of preparation :
Pure caviar mildly salted or
Malossol (Russian term for “little salt” – under 3.7 % salt)


2/ Traditional Packing and maturing:

The caviar is packed immediately after preparation, in traditional tins or vacuum.
This traditional packing allows the caviar to mature in a natural manner.
This enables us to offer exceptionally fresh caviar, between a few days and a few weeks young.

The breeding process, as well as the treatment and the preparation of the fish, is carried out by our Russian great masters of caviar, who have a lifelong experience in the traditional preparation of the very best caviar.


Untitled-4Salted sturgeon eggs from the Black or Caspian seas. Caviar enjoys enormous prestige. The size, flavor and color of the sturgeon eggs varies depending on whether they are “Beluga,” “Ossetra” or “Sevruga” varieties. The eggs can be golden, black, brown, dark green or gray. They are classified according to their size, color, firmness and flavor. The salting process determines the quality of the caviar, so the quantity of added salt is carefully monitored. Caviar is low in fat.Traditionally, only the highest grade of roe (such as Beluga or Imperial Ossetra Caviar) was used for the malossol process and given the title “Malossol

Nutritional Information
protein 2.5 g
fat 1.8 g
calories 25
per .35 oz/10 g

Excellent source: vitamin A, vitamin B12, magnesium, iron and sodium.

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