Our House


Imperial Heritage Caviar stands for quality, purity and sustainability. Its unique approach allows to select environmentally sustainable Caviar from the most praised sturgeon species, while respecting traditional values and nature’s balance.

The Story Behind Imperial Heritage

The Caviar House “Imperial Heritage“, is founded and owned by the Colman family Mr Koenraad Peter Colman, his wife Mrs Kristel Berghmans and their daughter Miss Elisabeth Colman. It all started as a passion… searching for sustainably farmed Caviar, that still treasures the traditional flavour. Eventually, their passion resulted in a new business.

What’s in a name…

Imperial Heritage Caviar is established in honour of Peter The Great (Peter De Grote), who transformed the Tsardom of Russia in the Russian Empire in 1721. Being part of the Romanov family, this great emperor was a real connoisseur of Caviar. As a fish and Caviar lover, Peter the Great opened the first office for fishing in Astrakhan. During imperial banquets and celebrations, Caviar was one of the top delicacies being served at the Romanov’s Heritage. Hereby, increasing in popularity amongst the elite of that day, Caviar was called “The Black Gold”. Therefore, “Imperial Heritage est. 1721” refers to the Emperor Peter The Great, who boosted these refined sturgeon eggs in the world of utter luxury.

What Makes Us Different


To achieve the highest quality caviar while respecting nature’s balance, we supervise the entire course of life of the fish, from the very beginning till maturity. As sustainable farming is extremely important to us, our fish swim in 100% Natural Spring Water, which is constantly refreshed (not recycled) in order to avoid diseases and contamination of the water. Also, our fish swim in open air lakes with a bottom of stone and boulders that create the ideal natural habitat for our sturgeons. This means we provide a clean culture environment, without any risk of secondary undesired tastes of the fish or the eggs.

Unique Preparation Process & Supervision

Supervision: As previously mentioned, we supervise the entire course of life of the fish, from the very beginning till maturity. Also we provide a clean culture environment, to guarantee the perfect original taste without any risk of secondary undesired flavours.

Method of Preparation and selection: Our Great Caviar Masters from Russia and Iran are treating and salting our caviar according to the old traditional recipes (Malossol – Russian term for “little salt” – under 3.7 % salt)). The supervision and final selection of these fine caviars is guaranteed by our family (Colman family), carefully picked out, to select only the best Caviar for our most appreciated gourmets… From father to daughter, all inspired by one passion: “the finest Caviar of the World”.

Traditional Packing & Maturing

The Caviar is packed immediately after the preparation and salting process, in traditional tins with a thick rubber band. The design of caviar tins has not changed for decades. The tins are fully packed with Caviar and then squeezed down with the lid, forcing the air to escape while retaining the eggs in a tight oil pack. The thick rubber band holds the lid and ensures it remains vacuum. Packing caviar vacuum is extremely important as exposure to air is devastating for the quality. This traditional packaging allows the Caviar to mature in a natural manner. The maturing process can take up to 10 months depending on what our customers prefer most. This enables us to offer exceptionally refined Caviar, tailored to our customer’s preferences.

Nutritional Information


protein 2.5 g
fat 1.7 g
calories 27
per 10 g

Excellent source: vitamin A, vitamin B12, magnesium, iron and sodium.